Peachtree Corners, Georgia

I started working with my client in March of 2017.  Since then she has become my dear friend. These two lovebirds had lived in the home for many years and the day had finally come to start a refresh. 

As often happens, construction had already started by the time I came on to the scene but there were still many decisions to be made.  Sometimes clients don't know were to start, that was not the case here.  My client is practically her own GC. 

Before there is design, there is the relationship between client and designer.  I strive to understand how my clients are living and how they want to live as we plan to transform their rooms.  Yes, getting aesthetics right is important but the right chemistry is essential too.  As I learn about my client's and their tastes, I am always exposing them to new options that they hadn't thought of which makes their lives and their rooms more comfortable, more functional and more beautiful.