Residential Design Packages

Kevin C. Hall offers high quality design concepts at reasonable prices. All design packages include the first 3 phases of the interior design process resulting in a complete, comprehensive design concept including specifications as required by the chosen package:

Phase 1:  Programming / Inventory.  We review everything we will be working on, survey the spaces to be effected, and determine your needs and wants with you. 

Phase 2:  Schematic Design.  We collaborate with you to envision and create the design that delights you and fulfills your requirements.

Phase 3:  Design Development.  We review, edit and elaborate on our positive developments and build a final presentation to meet with your approval.  We also prepare a complete materials list of purchases to be made and a budget of those materials.

*All design packages are also available as remotely provided services with online meetings and presentations via Skype, Zoom, or Join Me. We work in both metric and imperial dimensions. Our primary, in person, service areas include New York City metro, Vancouver B.C. metro. and Atlanta, GA metro areas..

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Decorating & Redecorating Package

This is the perfect package for you if you want to freshen up your home. We will provide you with recommendations for color schemes, upholstery, window treatments, lighting, artwork and accessories

  • We survey the rooms to be affected, taking photos and measurements,

  • We make an inventory of existing elements to be kept and specific new items to be purchased.

  • You will receive color swatches, fabric recommendations, a design board of inspirational and specifically recommended elements .

  • Where needed we will specify detailed upholstery and drapery styles. And we will create instructions and sketch’s for the workroom.

  • We will shop for and make recommendations for artwork and accessories. We prefer shopping with you to expedite your project.

  • You will receive a shopping list with specifications so that you can make your own purchases of retail available items.

  • 3 process meetings

  • This package includes 5 shopping days with you and 2 installation days.

This package is currently priced at:

$10 per sq. ft.

No mark-ups on retail available products and materials. Four weeks to completion.


Post Construction Completion Package

If you just finished construction or maybe you are moving into an empty home, your kitchen and bathrooms are installed but everything else needs to be specified and coordinated, this is the package for you.

  • In this package price you get everything in the Decorating Package PLUS:

  • You will receive two photo-realistic computer generated renderings of each room included in the scope.

  • You will receive a rendered floor plan.

  • We will specify any needed storage solutions.

  • You will receive a fully detailed shopping list of all items required to create each space. We do not charge any mark-up on retail available items that you purchase directly.

  • Up to 12 site visits or process meetings included

  • We will spend up to 8 days shopping with you and 5 days of installation.

This package is currently priced at:

$15 per sq. ft.

No mark-ups on retail available products and materials. Two months to completion.

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new Construction or Renovation Package

Whether you’re are getting ready to build or you have acquired a home that is ready for a full or partial renovation this is the complete design package. We will provide you with every detail carefully determined and fully specified.

  • In this package price you get everything in the Post Construction Package PLUS:

  • We will create a full construction documents set (for design intent) or we will work with your architect to achieve a fully detailed CD set.

  • We will review floor plans for recommend changes and prepare new, suggested layouts for your approval.

  • We will specify all materials and finishes including flooring and tile work.

  • We will create additional drawings as required to support tradesmen’s work and to achieve our design intent.

  • We will provide plumbing fixture recommendations, specifications and installation instructions.

  • We will provide all lighting, appliance and electrical fixture recommendations, specifications and installation instructions.

  • We will be available at least once weekly for progress meetings.

  • You will have abundant access for discussions and reports via phone or online conferencing.

This package is currently priced at:

$20 per sq. ft.

No mark-ups on retail available products and materials. Four months to completion.


Interested in booking a residential project?

The first step to working together is booking your initial consultation. We will meet at your convenience, survey your space, discuss your lifestyle preferences and how you use the each room. We will then prioritize your goals for your home. We will discuss broad design styles, your tastes and options. We will also discuss a budget and timeline to complete your project. If you decide to move forward with a design package within 2 days of our first meeting, your initial consultation fee will be applied to the package price.

Your initial consultation is only $150, if you book before 9/29/2019 and use coupon code “FALL2019”


Commercial Design Packages

Kevin Hall creates commercial environments that support your mission. Your goals direct our strategy resulting in creative, dynamic, experiential spaces that improve your position and bottom line. Our design fees are customized to be appropriate to the project given the use of the space, quality of materials to be used, level of craftsmanship required, level of detail necessary to achieve your desired results and amount of time available before targeted completion date. To date, Kevin Hall has designed retail environments from flagship to soft-shop around the world, wholesale showrooms, a 15,000 sq ft charter school building, offices from Wall Street, NYC to Jonesboro, Georgia and a midtown Atlanta restaurant. We do everything from initial project scope development to grand opening.

In preparing for your project we will:

  • Work with you to define the scope of the project and use of the space

  • Prepare inspiration mood boards to confirm concept direction

  • Develop a comprehensive budget and timeline

  • Develop design intent

  • Prepare presentation boards with floor-plans, elevations, 3D photo realistic renderings and materials samples

  • Create drawings and sketches as necessary for tradesmen

  • Create construction documents to communicate design intent for architectural sign off.

  • Build a detailed materials list for ordering

  • Create installation specifications for all elements of the space.

  • Insure the environment, signage and way-finding match your brand.

  • Insure contractors are fulfilling design intent with weekly site visits.

  • Assist in installation

  • Prepare for and assist you in coordinating your grand opening/reveal

  • Join you in celebrating the big day!

We offer flat fee package pricing with no mark-ups on materials starting at:

$10 Per Sq. Ft.

Key commercial roles previously held by Kevin Hall:

Polo Ralph Lauren, Director, Store Design, North America, NY, NY

Aveda Corporation, Director, Store Design (global). NY, NY

Calvin Klein, Inc., Drafting Designer, Store Design. NY, NY

Giorgio Armani, Le Colleczione, assistant designer NY, NY