The Scoop on Interior Design: Q&A with Kevin C. Hall

Kevin Hall, Inc. (Syndicated Release Q&A)

As an interior designer who has accrued decades of education and applied experience in interior design, Kevin C. Hall, founder of Kevin Hall, Inc., has completed his share of awe-inspiring design projects for clients. Ranging interior design for Polo Ralph Lauren to Calvin Klein, Kevin has become known for designing inspired spaces for how people live and work.  

Maintaining a progressive, artistic vision, Kevin consistently pairs savvy with passion to achieve luxury design results for every project. He designs spaces according to clients’ personalities, so their homes or businesses are an exact reflection of who they are and how they like to use their interiors.

In this exclusive Q&A, Kevin shares some of the latest interior design trends and how he creates luxurious yet livable interiors.

Q.    What is your interior design philosophy, and how does it apply to successfully meeting your clients’ design needs?


A.     My philosophy revolves around the fact that every space requires a personal touch. Designing with this element in mind is how I fulfil my clients’ needs, goals and aesthetic objectives. I aim to create environments packed with personality that deliver long-term use, by noting my clients’ interests and striving for gorgeous results. I recommend beautiful, yet durable and low-maintenance accessories, furnishings and materials that “speak” to people on an intimate level.


Q.    What are your thoughts on the hottest trends in residential design today?


A.     While I pay attention, I am not a big advocate of manufactured or promotional trends. I find people’s tastes are not always in sync with mass-market design. Today, environments for remote working and clean eating and living are becoming increasingly popular. I’ve been designing more home offices, multipurpose rooms, and kitchens ( People are becoming more independent and self-reliant, and I see these aspects driving design styles.  


Q.    What are current trends in commercial design?


A.     I see commercial industries making greater efforts to offer unique, experiential settings to keep customers and clients engaged and returning. ( This can be accomplished by designing with interactive “wow” factors that engage the senses and cater to the growing desire for instant gratification.


Q.    How do you define luxury design, and why is it such a popular buzz phrase?  


A.     I define luxury design as highly customized environments enriched with supple, authentic materials created with top-quality craftsmanship. A truly luxurious setting is rife with high-end elements from carefully selected lighting and finishes to color and fabrics. Luxurious components typically once only accessible by the elite are now being sought by people of various economic backgrounds. Therefore, we have an ever-expanding market driven by a widespread desire for lavish living.


Q.    How do you help clients change the styles of their homes in a manageable way?


A.     After carefully researching and familiarizing myself with my clients’ needs and project spaces, I fully consider the scope of factors that shape their lifestyles such as: Is this a large family or a single person; is this a couple who loves to entertain? Lifestyle impacts how I balance design, scale, proportion, color and other stylistic fundamentals. I note what works and what creates challenges. As with any living or working space, the design should result with satisfying an original vision for both breath-taking beauty and forward-thinking function. 

Kevin Hall, Inc. is an Atlanta, Ga-based firm offering national services. Kevin has practiced interior design for a broad range of projects, including showrooms, schools, retail spaces, private residences, and corporate offices. Kevin is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Learn more: